BackTrace DVD Review

A straight to DVD crime action film starring Slyvester Stallone and Matthew Modine. Sounds like a mixture of terrible and awful. Back Trace sees a gang commit a armed van bank robbery in broad day light. When three members try to escape, two are killed and the third Lucas (Modine) is left injured. Now the lone surviving thief has no memory of the events and the money, the violent armored car robbery and his gangs deaths, are all whispers. When 7 years later, he is sprung from a high security facility for the mentally unwell, those who free him have an alterior motive. They want to use an experimental drug in order for him to remember the things hidden in his minds depths. Detective Sykes (Stallone) is assigned the task of finding him before those who have him find the money.

I always try to find something of worth in any film. This is a TV movie that has one big star and two stars with which it floats its expectant financial investment and its hoped return. This as we know, does not denote quality. BACKTRACE is not a quality film. Its neither a good film nor an average film. It has no skilled touches, no nuances and certainly nothing to make it stand out. For me, its the sort of ASDA DVD film, bargin basement release. Its designed to be attractive to a core audience (no bad thing) but it is also very cynical. Very much designed to take money from people simply because it might be a film they are interested in from its stars and from its genre. Avoid this if you can. It is not very good.

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