A Kind of Loving DVD

AKOLVic Brown (Alan Bates) is a worker at the local plant. He has a good job as a draughtsman and might expect good things in his future. He also likes to have fun and spend time with friends and if he can girls that have caught his eyes. Ingrid Rothwell (June Ritchie) is a young worker at the plant and is happy, go luck and free. She likes to gossip and spend days with friends just spending time without having to care. When the two spend time together and start to  become closer, it would seem that this would be the start of a blossoming relationship. When Ingrid falls pregnant it changes everything. Vic offers to marry her and they fall into a life that was not quite as they expected.

AKOL2Kitchen sinks are a universal thing and so is this tender, powerful and emotional drama. It tells a story of young love, sex and the consequences of living a half life. It plays along the then casual assumptions of two ages. One younger that wanted a better life out of what the world offered. They had chances and wanted to take them. The traditional pieces of gender and identity were being discarded. Then the older tradition of marriage and place, the idea you were a piece of eternal baggage and that you fitted into the role defined by nature. The film rebels as much against both ideas as some have failed to see. I argue that the film lead actor and player Vic is a slice of transition. Stuck in a world of dual roles. Living in both a world of then and now, he wants to do right by what society suggested but also asks what many youths were asking, that is ‘at what cost to me?’.

AKOL3The DVD looks delicious enough. The transfer is beautiful and has been tenderly treated by the film studios. Sound is also clean and crisp. The additional pieces of the DVD the Interviews of Schlesinger is good and shows how much he was an artist and a very tender person. The Maconie interview lays some great groundwork for the era and the feel of the film audience at the time. The real standout piece for me was TERMINUS. A short that is great and worth a watch prior to the film screening.

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