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Here at Front Row Reviews, we have had a rolling coverage of Bavo Defurne’s North Sea Texas, the latest DVD release by London based distribution studio, Peccadillo Pictures.

When we find our main character, Pim (played by the stunningly calm Florizoone), he is living with his single mother who spends more time caring about her men than her son and living each day with a mundane routine of nothingness. But this nothingness disappears when Pim slips into his dream world and he begins to dream of beauty queens and a brightness at the end of the tunnel.

Last week, we announced that we were going to start placing Peccadillo’s films online through their own VOD service, and you can watch them right here on Front Row Reviews. We placed Andrew Haigh’s Weekend online last week, but today find North Sea Texas, to watch online – right here.

To rent: £3.49

To buy: £9.99

Hope you enjoy the film!

Also, check out our interview with director, Bavo Defurne, who took the time to answer our questions and keep your eyes open for some more releases over the coming weeks.

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