Greatest TV Dramas this Century

The 21st Century so far; a time of global oil wars, economic depression and, most importantly, the rise of the TV series. We’ve seen the genre outclass film in many ways, offering a more expansive platform for writers, actors and directors to explore different themes and concepts. We’ve seen some great series over the years. Here’s the greatest of them all.

The Sopranos

What list of greatest TV dramas of all time would be complete without reference to this seminal gangster series? It’s not the first of its kind by any means, but it certainly grabbed the world’s attention when it began back in 1999. It charts the life and times of mafia don Tony Soprano, if you didn’t know by now and all manner of deceit, heists and homicides along the way. Even the Godfather himself would approve.

The Wire

The Wire is a captivating examination of the war on drugs in Baltimore, USA from the small time pushers on the street right up to the politicians running the show. Director David Simon, who worked as a journalist for the Baltimore Sun, conjures up a world of incredible characters, no doubt relying heavily on personal experiences. The Wire isn’t just a TV drama, it’s a social commentary that’s worthy of higher praises than making this list, that’s for sure.

True Blood

HBO show True Blood is a world of vampires, fairies and even werewolves, but it’s no Twilight. This award winning HBO series has mustered acclaim for its handling of pithy themes like homosexuality, discrimination and drug abuse, as well as being a darn good looking TV show too. Sadly the seventh season, which premieres in July this year, is to be the last.

Breaking Bad

When the main character is diagnosed with cancer in the first episode, you know every one thereafter is going to be a cliff hanger. Just when you think things couldn’t get crazier, they inevitably do in this emotional wreck of a TV drama. All made possible by an unparalleled performance by lead man Bryan Cranston, this show will almost certainly have you hooked.

Game of Thrones

A curious blend of historical drama and high fantasy, Game of Thrones has captivated audiences worldwide and shows little sign of abating. Bloody murders and illicit love affairs are currency in this fictional world of feuding families and duplicitous villains. This show is a pleasing commentary on the barbarism of human society, as well as tackling more specific issues like social Darwinism. Oh, there’s lots of sex too!

The Walking Dead

Based on the comics by Robert Kirkman (which are definitely worth a look by the way), AMC series The Walking Dead is one of the better examples from the zombie apocalypse genre. Suspenseful, chilling and gory are the watchwords here. The show confronts humanity at its basest level, as a small group of survivors led by ex-police officer, Rick Grimes, try to evade the zombie hordes.

There are many more that could have made the list, but I’ve kept it concise for a reason. TV series should be consumed in moderation; else you’ll end up an affected recluse with vision impairment. Now get watching!

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