I have heard a bunch of genre mutations and permutations. The zombie genre has a wealth of them. A zom com rom film is a rare thing but not uncommon.... Heard about them haven't you? So have I. SHAUN OF THE DEA... Read More...

Seoul Station Blu-ray Review

Last year's thrilling ride, Train To Busan was one of the best horror films of the decade - fast paced, emotional and packed an incredible punch. Alas it wasn't going to be long until Busan's prequel; the animation, Seoul Station was to be released.

Zombie outbreak expected in Cardiff for Iris Prize festival in October

What lurks within the darker alleys of Cardiff this Autumn? The LGBT film community has been exploring the fear factor in a bigger way than ever with zombies, exorcisms, Outback psychos, and bestial transformations which are all represented during this year’s Iris Prize festival in Cardiff, running Wednesday 12th to Sunday 16th October.

Dead Next Door Blu Ray Review

The dead are walking the earth and the only hope is the ramshackle Zombie Squad. They might not be the best at what they do but they are the only ones that can stop the rot. Some are injured in the process and ... Read More...

The Walking Dead Experience

Held on a private rooftop location in Shoreditch on Wednesday 18th September, fans are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite The Walking Dead character; whether you are “Team Rick”, “Team “Governor” or a walker, prizes will be given out on the day to the best dressed.