Dirty Grandpa Blu-ray Review

Despite popular belief, Dirty Grandpa is funny. For the second time in a row, director Dan Mazer has put together a star studded comedy that on release has driven critics mad whilst audiences have found them great fun.

Dirty Grandpa Review

No one speaks the title of Dirty Grandpa until the closing seconds of this bawdy comedy, but the film invokes the image pretty early on. A brief, placid prologue introduces us to Jason Kelly (Zac Efron), who mo... Read More...

That Awkward Moment Review

“So…” The foundation of That Awkward Moment’s title could just as easily be the beginning of our review. It refers to the moment when the question “so… where is this going?”, or some variation therein, is asked... Read More...

The Paperboy Poster Revealed

With the style of the trailers & movie posters becoming almost as important as the film these days, its great to take a look at the poster for 2012 film, The Paperboy as it evokes a deadly summer heat. T... Read More...