Models Turned Actors

To celebrate the release of Jeune et Jolie last week we take a look at some others who have proven that models can have serious acting chops too.

uwantme2killhim? interview with director, Andrew Douglas

From acclaimed producer Bryan Singer (X-Men, The Usual Suspects) comes the topical and intense thriller, uwantme2killhim?, which is out on DVD now. A fascinating and disturbing examination of the impact that the emerging online culture had on the lives of a generation, uwantme2killhim? brings together award-winning talent to tell a story more unbelievable than any fiction.

James McAvoy’s Best Heroes and Mark Strong’s Best Villains

Welcome To The Punch, which comes to DVD and Blu-ray on 22nd July, sees two British acting titans go toe to toe in a non-stop action thriller. James McAvoy plays a hard-bitten London cop on the trail of Mark Strong's nefarious bank robber. But when Strong's son is involved in a heist gone, the two of them are forced to work together to uncover a deadly conspiracy...

Hop Tops Box Office Charts

Russell Brand’s animated Easter movie Hop has broken U.S box office records this weekend, by opening at number one and grossing more than $38million in its first two days of release. Universal’s festive fami... Read More...