Top Ten Train Movies

Speed, destination and time – it’s no wonder why trains have racked up a certain allure when it comes to a filming location. From the Lumière brothers, early 20th century cinema to today’s releases, films set in, on or around trains have always had a certain magnetism.

James McAvoy’s Best Heroes and Mark Strong’s Best Villains

Welcome To The Punch, which comes to DVD and Blu-ray on 22nd July, sees two British acting titans go toe to toe in a non-stop action thriller. James McAvoy plays a hard-bitten London cop on the trail of Mark Strong's nefarious bank robber. But when Strong's son is involved in a heist gone, the two of them are forced to work together to uncover a deadly conspiracy...
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Timur Bekmambetov to direct new Frankenstein adaptation?

'Wanted' director, Timur Bekmambetov is reported according to Production Weekly to be attached to an adaption of Peter Ackroyd's 2008 novel, 'The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein' which is a retelling of the story in first person.