Not to start on the wrong footing but Jimmy Sangster addition to Karnstein Trilogy, is the weaker part of a very good trilogy of films. It doesn't help that LUST FOR A VAMPIRE is more concerned with titlation. ... Read More...

Bloodsucking Bosses DVD Review

Work sucks, everyone knows that. So when a group of office bound and disgruntled types find out that their work place is a hive for vampire bastard bosses that love office grunt blood, well they kinda saw it as... Read More...

Only Lovers Left Alive Review

Jim Jarmusch’s returns after a four year hiatus with a loose, otherworldly tale about characters who have been around even longer than him. The Only Lovers Left Alive are a vampire couple (the exciting pairing of Tilda Swinton and Tom Huddleston) who after hundreds of years of cultural curation see themselves as the last bastions of taste in a world largely without it.

BFI Monster Weekend at the British Museum

BFI is gearing up for its UK-wide Autumn blockbuster project GOTHIC: THE DARK HEART OF FILM with three nights of spectacular open air screenings at the British Museum featuring three classic 1950’s horror films: Night of the Demon, introduced by its star Peggy Cummins, Dracula and The Mummy – both starring Sir Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. These events will prepare the way for the terrors to come in the BFI’s next major season Gothic, launching in the autumn and prior to a major unveiling of the entire project on Thursday 27th June.