A Hijacking Review

Most of the action in cargo ship hijacking thriller A Hijacking occurs over the telephone. The emotional stakes are set in the opening moments by a conversation between soon-to-be-hostage Mikkel (Pilou Aesbæck) and his wife and daughter, and later raised through a fraught and highly affecting second conversation between the two parties. That these two conversations occur hundreds of days, and about forty onscreen minutes apart, yet mark the only contact this family has is telling of the quality of control and construction present in Tobias Lindholm's immaculately thought out thriller.

Top Ten Films of 2012: Staff Picks

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The Hunt Review

As a member of the Dogme 95 movement, established in 1995 along with Lars Von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg’s goals were to create films based on traditional principles like storytelling, acting and theme and discou... Read More...

BIFA 2012 Awards Roundup

The 15th Moët BIFA's (British Independent Film Awards) 2012 took place last night. The winners on the night were announced at the official BIFA ceremony at Old Billingsgate, hosted by The Hobbit actor James Nesbitt and attended by some of the biggest names in the business. Check below for the winners, and a round up video of the night.

LFF 2012: The Hunt

For The Hunt (Jagten), Thomas Vinterberg inverts the premise of his 1998 debut feature, Festen. That film presented its twist early on: at a wedding, the bride’s brother reveals in his speech that he and his la... Read More...