Finally released in the UK, For the first time on Blu Ray is THE DEEP. A complex blend of drug smuggling, sunken treasure and a monstrous Moray eel that has a taste for human flesh. Though not to everyone's lik... Read More...

Edinburgh Int’l Film Festival 2013: The Deep

“Of course, I’m nothing but a drop in the ocean,” says Gudlaugur Fridthórsson, the real-life Icelandic fisherman upon whom The Deep (Djupio) is based, in a 1984 television interview from which extracts play over the film’s end credits. It’s a stereotypically modest statement from someone who has just survived six or so hours in seawaters of 6°C, and a further three on land with an air temperature of -2°C before finally receiving medical assistance. Fridthórsson’s choice of phrase might be seen as an instinctive defence mechanism against would-be sensationalism, and in dramatising his tale of survival for the screen, director Baltasar Kormákur and co-writer Jón Atli Jónasson have fashioned a suitably low-key film about what still is a scientifically implausible truth.