‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ review

Rattling along with more twists and turns than the Le Mans rally circuit, young director and Marvel debutant, Jon Watts, has injected some Eighties-John Hughes/Spielberg fluff into the superhero spectacle. And ... Read More...

Captain America: Civil War Review

Captain America was created as a leader, but quickly became a fictional one: he was a one-man military propaganda campaign, costume and shield boldly decorated in the patriotic tricolour of the American flag. M... Read More...
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New Spiderman Photo Revealed

The first official photo of the new Spider-man, played by Brit actor Andrew Garfield of recent Social Network fame, has found its way onto the big wide web. Looking sullen and soiled, the new acrobatic, arachni... Read More...
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Getting To Know The Avengers

You can't move for superheroes on the big screen each summer, and let's make no bones about it...we love it! And there's such a wealth of characters out there to develop that they'll be coming at us for some time to come. Currently there are plans for new movies to be developed for the likes of The Flash, Wonder Woman, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, Superman, Magneto and Venom...those ranging currently filming projects to mere pipe dreams.