The Rise DVD Review

One of the main reasons that The Rise can exist is pretty much due to the star talent of the film; what Rowan Athale has on his hands is a mixture of the some of the most popular young stars in British cinema a... Read More...

East End Film Festival: Dollhouse Review

Dollhouse cleverly defies all expectation by turning out to be like nothing that has come before it. Directed by Kirsten Sheridan and starring a cast of virtually unknowns, Dollhouse follows a group of teenagers as they break into an empty beautiful big house and decide to party all night long.
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Skins Heading For The Big Screen

With Skins now reaching the end of it's fourth series and about to say goodbye to it's second cast of hell-raising teens, it appears there may be a chance for them all to reappear in a big screen version of the hit E4 series.