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Hollywood’s Obsession with Sequels

We've had Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2, we've just endured Scream 4, we got a bit excited for Fast Five, we’re eagerly awaiting Hangover 2 and we’re going pretty ‘potty’ for Harry’s 8th installment. It’s shaping up t... Read More...

Weinsteins settle ‘Scream 4’ lawsuit

Following last week's newspiece on Michael Moore not settling with The Weinstein Co. over fees he claims he is owed from Fahrenheit 9/11, news comes via The Hollywood Reporter today that the production company ... Read More...
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Craven To Make Us Scream For The Fourth Time

Wes Craven, whose new film My Soul To Take will the first since 1994's New Nightmare that he will both write and direct, is now planning to bring Scream back to our screens more than a decade after it's last installment.