Non-Stop DVD Review

Neeson and Collet-Serra has reunited for a second time with Non-Stop, which is a great addition to Neeson's recent liking for these quick paced stories since working on Taken.

Sundance London: Touchy Feely Review

A loose psychological character study, Touchy Feely looks at the lives of two unfulfilled siblings, a masseuse who becomes suddenly averse to touch (Rosemary DeWitt) and a dentist who, equally suddenly, finds his touch to be healing (Josh Pais.) With these sensory transformations as the catalyst, Shelton explores a disaffected family unit, (Ellen Page stars too as Pais’ son, and Scott McNairy as DeWitt’s boyfriend,) struggling to cope with the latent lack of fulfilment in all of their/our lives.

A Night in the Woods Review

On the undisturbed surface A Night in the Woods appears to be nothing but another run of the mill found footage horror. Examine the surface with a little more intent and you will still find a formula present th... Read More...