Cul-de-sac Blu-ray Review

For fans of Polanski, Cul-de-sac certainly deserves to be seen. It’s a hugely original, unfiltered film that is not afraid to take chances, even if most of them don’t necessarily pan out.

A History of Film in Lisbon

After The Night (Ate Ver A Luz) is a striking indie gangster story set in the gritty slums of Lisbon and is out in UK cinemas and VoD from the 25th April.

Tess DVD Review

Roman Polanski is a director known for a wide variety of films across different genres. It has often been suggested that troubles in his personal life have heavily influenced his work, perhaps explaining the mi... Read More...

Carnage DVD Review

Carnage is a strange beast in the world of Roman Polanski. It is vibrantly funny and superbly engaging right from the offset, immediately ensconcing the viewer and bringing us into the world of the characters. ... Read More...