Le Mépris Review

Jean-Luc Godard had six films released in 1963. Le Mépris was one of those and it is more than most filmmakers manage in a lifetime. This is a film about a film where one director, Godard, pays his respects to many others while making a film utterly his own.

The Immortal Story Blu-ray Review

If Orson Welles' career had run in reverse this would have been his second film after the debut of F for Fake. He would have been considered a bold, experimental and wayward talent, far away from the mainstream... Read More...

Orson Welles: The Great Disrupter

Orson Welles has too long been associated with one film: Citizen Kane. His directing career may have been erratic but there are many and varied delights that testify to his great appetite for movies and for lif... Read More...

The Long Haul Review

If there was ever an actor that matched the heft and expression of a Leyland truck it was Victor Mature, so who better to star in The Long Haul, a trucking thriller that combines US noir with British dour.