Interview with Emma Davie, co-director of I Am Breathing

Emma Davie’s and Morag Mckinnon’s documentary takes an intimate look at the damaging effects of Motor Neurone Disease on the 34-year old Neil Platt; a courageous, charismatic and witty man, who shows himself at his most vulnerable to raise awareness of MND. The film mixes archive home video footage, Neil’s blog entries, resonant images (space, the passing seasons and travelling on a country road), as well as interviews with Neil and Louise his wife to build a moving portrait of Neil and show the cyclical, passing nature of things. Priscilla Eyles talks to co-director Emma Davie about the process of making such a challenging film.

I Am Breathing Review

The reason for this gratitude is the result of Neil Platt’s story movingly and sensitively depicted in Emma Davies and Morag McKinnon’s (Donkeys, 2010) documentary. It’s the kind of documentary that from its premise- following the final months of 34-year-old Platt’s life as he suffers the devastating effects of Motor Neurone Disease, and tries to make sense of his life for his one-year-old son Oscar-sounds like it could be overwhelmingly depressing and morbid.