Paddington 2 review

The start might be as clunky and chunky as our little hero, but the sequel to 2014’s somewhat surprise family hit, Paddington, resembles something of an improvement all round. And, considering the opening salvo... Read More...

Paddington Blu Ray Review

There's a strange critical snobbery surrounding children's films where the quality of the film can be assessed in three broad camps – no one will enjoy it (1 star) kids will enjoy it (3 stars) kids will enjoy i... Read More...

Paddington Review

Without a doubt, Paddington is the wittiest, smartest, most heartwarming family film of the year.

New cast members join & new poster ‘Paddington’

STUDIOCANAL and Heyday Films today announced that Michael Gambon (THE KING’S SPEECH, the HARRY POTTER film series) and Imelda Staunton (PRIDE, MALEFICENT) have joined the cast of PADDINGTON bringing their voices to PADDINGTON’s Uncle Pastuzo and Aunt Lucy.