Florian Zeller play 'Le Pere' has won the Moliere award in 2014, then was adapted for the French film FLORIDE in 2015, helmed by Philippe Le Guay. Then in 2020 it was made into the English language film THE FAT... Read More...
cuban fury

Cuban Fury DVD Review

Nick Frost plies his good-guy trademark charm in Cuban Fury. It is a feature that may be guilty of reinventing the wheel, but it does so with enough vigour to cast the warm glow of the familiar with a pulsing chutzpah.

Locke Review

On the surface Steven Knight's Locke seems like a modern thriller in the making, mixed with a unique filmmaking style and lead acting from the wonderful Tom Hardy it seems there is little that could go wrong. Well...

Broadchurch Episode One Review

British teledrama has another scrape of the long-empty creative barrel with dramatic dregs-heap Broadchurch, the latest in a long line of rock-bottom miserablist productions that are over-funded and offensively... Read More...

BIFA 2012 Awards Roundup

The 15th Moët BIFA's (British Independent Film Awards) 2012 took place last night. The winners on the night were announced at the official BIFA ceremony at Old Billingsgate, hosted by The Hobbit actor James Nesbitt and attended by some of the biggest names in the business. Check below for the winners, and a round up video of the night.