The Crying Game DVD Review

The troubles in Northern Ireland. A black British soilder on leave. A kidnapping by the IRA to facilitate an exchange of prisioners. Enemies become friends become trapped in a  cycle of violence. One dies and t... Read More...

Mona Lisa Blu-ray Review

George is a down at heel ex-convict who has just been let out and is hard looking for work. His wife has divorced him and keeps his daughter at a distance.

Byzantium Review

Byzantium is a thrilling, beautifully made ode to the traditional vampire film. It glows amongst the vast sea of horror films, which constantly seem to fill our cinemas and tells a delicate story, which touches on so many themes about what it means to be human that you forget you are watching a film about the supernatural.
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Ondine Film Review

Colin Farrell plays an Irish fisherman who pulls a half drowned young woman out of the sea in his fishing net.