Cannes 2013: Inside Llewyn Davis Review

The recipient of this year’s Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, Inside Llewyn Davis brings the Coen Brothers back to the spotlight after the lukewarm success of A Serious Man. Unlike anything they’ve done before but still recognizable as a ‘Coen’ film, Inside Llewyn Davis deservedly garnered showers of attention at the festival for its stand-out performances, beautiful cinematography, and exceptional directing.

Beware of Mr. Baker Review

You clearly don’t want to piss the notorious Ginger Baker off, but this is what debut director Jay Bulgar can’t help but do, as even innocuous questions like why don’t you take up the drums again? Or prompts for elaboration or any kind of analysis from Bulgar are met with the utmost contempt from Baker (Baker: “Fuck, why do we have to talk about this shit?!"). Bulgar is also whacked with a crutch, and repeatedly insulted by the famously reluctant and belligerent interviewee (only Lou Reed can compete for sheer malevolence). So it really is a feat in itself that the courageous and obviously determined Bulgar was able to get any insights or anecdotes at all from Baker, let alone that many of the insights and anecdotes were poignant, revealing and interesting. It must’ve taken a long time and a hell of a lot of editing and patience and for that alone he deserves the Jury Prize at South By Southwest.

Simon Killer Review

Simon Killer is the story of Simon who travels to the city of love, Paris, after his five year relationship with his girlfriend (never seen or heard on screen) ends. The collapse of the relationship has seriously affected Simon and seems to have both emotionally and mentally affected him. This is the backdrop for the film, which in all serious, is a study in madness; we watch, over a period of a few months, how this dark depression can turn a man into a killer.

A Late Quartet Review

A Late Quartet is one of those films, which unfortunately should be a lot better than it actually is. On paper, it features one of the most talented and intriguing cast lists in recent cinema. Lead by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Christopher Walken, A Late Quartet, follows a classical musical quartet as they approach their 25th anniversary.

Antonio Campos talks ‘Simon Killer’ with Front Row Reviews

I reviewed Simon Killer during the London Film Festival 2012, where I said that "as emotionally compelling, and visually stunning; Simon Killer stands out as an art house film, offering visual, audio and thematic pleasures and leaves the audience feeling both scared and empathetic..." This week, Eureka! is releasing Simon Killer in the UK, and I was given the very special opportunity to interview the director about the monsters that he makes.

Win a copy of TRANSYLVANIA on DVD

On Monday, Saffron Hill Films, a Peccadillo company will be re-releasing the seminal Tony Gatlif classic, TRANSYLVANIA starring the princess of cult cinema, Asia Argento. The film explores the Romanian gypsy outskirts of Transylvania and contains some of the most memorable music in recent cinema.