20,000 Days On Earth Review

20000 Days on Earth is frankly divine and monumental in the changing tide of the documentary film; part music documentary and part open journal of a man's life with a delicate structure and stylistic science fiction sheen aesthetic.

American Interior DVD Review

In 2008 Dylan Goch and musician Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) made Separado! which saw Rhys head out on a distant adventure to create a travelogue spliced with psychedelia, grand vistas and remote gigs.

Made in America DVD Review

When I had first heard that Ron Howard was to be making a documentary following the Philadelphia music festival, Made in America, organised and headlined by HOVA himself, Mr Jay Z, my initial reaction was one of surprise, followed by extreme excitement.

The Broken Circle Breakdown Review

A touching, tender and heartbreaking portrayal of a relationship surrounded by devastation, The Broken Circle Breakdown is Felix Van Groeningen's very own Blue Valentine.