Simon Killer Review

Simon Killer is the story of Simon who travels to the city of love, Paris, after his five year relationship with his girlfriend (never seen or heard on screen) ends. The collapse of the relationship has seriously affected Simon and seems to have both emotionally and mentally affected him. This is the backdrop for the film, which in all serious, is a study in madness; we watch, over a period of a few months, how this dark depression can turn a man into a killer.

Antonio Campos talks ‘Simon Killer’ with Front Row Reviews

I reviewed Simon Killer during the London Film Festival 2012, where I said that "as emotionally compelling, and visually stunning; Simon Killer stands out as an art house film, offering visual, audio and thematic pleasures and leaves the audience feeling both scared and empathetic..." This week, Eureka! is releasing Simon Killer in the UK, and I was given the very special opportunity to interview the director about the monsters that he makes.
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Lynch’s ‘Mulholland Dr’ to return?

David Lynch has divided (and confused) much of his audience over the years, surrealist extraordinaire or closet Hollywood wannabe? All you have to do is look at this man's long list of works from films including 'Blue Velvet' and 'Wild at Heart', a cult TV show, short films, Interview Project, art, books, music, a daily weather report and a production company, Absurdia.