Gold Blu Ray Review

Kenny Wells (McConaughey) comes from a family of prospectors and miners. They set out to risk all. They risked and gained the reward. He however is guiding the family business into the abyss. His father died an... Read More...

Free State of Jones DVD Review

The American Civil war pitted two sides of the US against each other in a war about the role of slaves. It took two stark racial politics and saw them tear each other and themselves apart. One side said slavery... Read More...

Best Movie Transformations

Critics and audiences alike are buzzing over Johnny Depp’s unrecognizable self in his portrayal of gangster Whitey Bulger in the upcoming film Black Mass, as his dark locks are dyed white-blonde and he dons coloured contacts to depict the Irish-American Boston mobster.

Interstellar Review

Interstellar needs very little introduction. Christopher Nolan's latest arrived this weekend with plenty of fanfare, and rightly so.

New trailer for ‘Interstellar’

With our time on Earth coming to an end, a team of explorers undertakes the most important mission in human history: traveling beyond this galaxy to discover whether mankind has a future among the stars.