Medium Cool DVD Review

1968 and the western world is on the brink. Reporter John Cassellis (Robert Forster) is on the front lines. He is seeing the sedition and insurrection but is unable to capture it on film. He feels enraged b... Read More...

Listen Up Phillip DVD Review

Phillip is a writer who is just about to have his second book released. The publication is going downhill fast and he is no coping with anything. He wont do press, wont do communication and he has now been ... Read More...

Metropolis Blu-ray Review

Costing 5 million reichmarks but making only 75000 back, upon release Metropolis was seen a giant flop and copies of it were summarily destroyed.

Eureka Entertainment Announce Line Up

Eureka Entertainment have announced via their twitter feeds (@eurekavideo and @mastersofcinema) and via their new website forthcoming releases in The Masters of Cinema series and Eureka Classics collection for the rest of the year 2014.

Il Bidone DVD Review

Not much less than 8 1/2years before Federico Fellini’s most revered work came his blackly comic tale of morality Il Bidone (The Swindle). Though it is an occasionally light-hearted affair, this follow-up to hi... Read More...