Gosford Park Blu Ray review

Sir William McCordle (Michael Gambon) is a awful man. When at a weekend shooting party he is hosting, he is murdered it is no surprise. Was it one of the guests, all of whom need his money to survive? Was it on... Read More...

Win Suite Francaise on DVD

From the director of The Duchess – Saul Dibb – eOne is pleased to announce the UK release of the highly anticipated and most intoxicating love story of the year – SUITE FRANÇAISE, an epic drama set against the terrifying chaos of German occupied France.

My Old Lady Review

Israel Horovitz' My Old Lady, based upon his own play is an unexpected comic drama, which tries and succeeds in both making the audience laugh out loud but also getting caught up within the drama of the world that the characters live in.

Before The Winter Chill Review

This intricate, sophisticated and chilling drama cum thriller is a quintessential French story, burning slowly but building an incredible sense of tension amongst his characters.

Looking For Hortense DVD Review

To say something is just an average French drama is not necessarily a criticism; it is a genre that the nation seems to produce gems in at a casually prodigious rate. Looking for Hortense does not jump out as s... Read More...

Looking For Hortense Review

The unfortunate thing about Looking For Hortense is that Kristin Scott Thomas is the best thing about the film. This is unfortunate because whilst she practically fills every scene for the first ten minutes, the film is very quick to put her and her storyline aside to concentrate on Jean-Pierre Bacri's character, Damien.