The Gingerbread Man DVD

Rick Magruder (Branagh) is a lawyer in the deepest south of America. He is a well known and disliked guy, who has busted the state over many legal infringements and got some of the worst off of criminal charges... Read More...

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Review

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit begins strongly, as Ryan (Chris Pine) joins the US Marines following the September 11 attacks on New York, and is then recruited by the CIA after recovering from a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

Thor smashes box-office

Kenneth Branagh’s comic book blockbuster Thor firmly landed itself at the number one spot in the U.S box office charts after grossing $66m (£40.3m) in its opening weekend. Trumping previous heavy-weights Fas... Read More...
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Getting To Know The Avengers

You can't move for superheroes on the big screen each summer, and let's make no bones about it...we love it! And there's such a wealth of characters out there to develop that they'll be coming at us for some time to come. Currently there are plans for new movies to be developed for the likes of The Flash, Wonder Woman, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, Superman, Magneto and Venom...those ranging currently filming projects to mere pipe dreams.