White Dog DVD Review

Towards the end of his career Samuel Fuller made what is perhaps his most well known and accomplished film in The Big Red One, a tale of soldiers during World War II starring Lee Marvin. Some called it the greatest war film ever made.

The Rocket Review

On the surface of it, a film about the journey of a Laotian family written and directed by an Australian does not necessarily inspire but Kim Mordaunt knows South East Asia very well having lived and worked there for many years.

Illumination DVD Review

Illumination is a tricky one. In many ways absolutely absurd and nigh on impossible to comprehend but in others it is a complex and innovative work that tells a simple story of a man searching for enlightenment... Read More...

Free Fall DVD Review

Stephan Lacant examines the German police force as one of those last bastions where a form of close-minded masculinity continues to breed. Femininity is barely accepted but homosexuality is not mentioned even i... Read More...