Monsters University Review

12 years after Monsters Inc, Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) return in one of the most successful and intelligent prequels ever made. Monsters University not only is a great Disney film, proving entertaining for both children and adults alike but is one of the most daring and bold animated films to have ever been released.

Cannes 2013: Inside Llewyn Davis Review

The recipient of this year’s Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, Inside Llewyn Davis brings the Coen Brothers back to the spotlight after the lukewarm success of A Serious Man. Unlike anything they’ve done before but still recognizable as a ‘Coen’ film, Inside Llewyn Davis deservedly garnered showers of attention at the festival for its stand-out performances, beautiful cinematography, and exceptional directing.

Argo Review

Based upon the books, The Master of Disguise and The Great Escape, Argo tells the story of Tony Mendez (a very bearded Ben Affleck), a CIA operative who is brought in for consultation about a group of American Embassy workers who are taking refuge at the Canadian ambassador's house in Tehran.

LFF 2012: Argo

Says John Chambers, Hollywood special effects veteran: “So you want to come to Hollywood, act like a big shot without doing anything? You’ll fit right in.” As a film that takes its name from another movie, whos... Read More...

ParaNorman Review

It is a rare occurrence that a film backed by a major studio and made for children doesn’t pander to them in an ultimately unchallenging way. Taking on the subject of the trial and execution of people who were ... Read More...