Insidious 3 DVD Review

Insidious 3 is meant to take the audience back to the beginning, before the haunting of Lambert family and before Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) returned to working within the ghostly darkness.

Unfriended Review

Leo Gabriadze's Unfriended is an exciting, terrifying, suspense filled ride through social media and a forerunner, promising change to the horror genre.

Oculus Review

Oculus is a fun filled scream of a horror film, playing on the deepest part of the audience's psyche - fear.

The Conjuring DVD Review

Pay attention horror fans, James Wan is back. The man who gave us Saw (2004) (fortunately he is not tainted with the latter instalments, he stopped writing/directing them after the third) and Insidious (2010) has returned with his latest offering, The Conjuring and it is certainly up to his previously high standards.