Twisted killers stalk Horror Channel in June

Horror Channel is to screen a season of films focusing on game-playing murderers and predatory psychopaths. So there’s no point hiding behind the sofa as that’s where they’ll be…

Apocalypse season hits Horror Channel

The end is nigh on Horror Channel, as Saturday nights in April are taken over by rabid cannibals, zombie humanoids, mutant insects a deadly plague and monsters in the mist.

Horror Channel to screen Mad Science Season

Head exploders, deadly serums, deviant doctors, radioactive dope…Horror Channel presents a MAD SCIENCE SEASON, an 80’s tinged collection of cult scientific shockers.

Horror Channel goes under the bed for Oct premieres

Horror Channel’s film highlights for October include the UK TV premieres of three outstanding supernatural thrillers: UNDER THE BED, Steven C. Millar’s nightmare of all nightmares, THE GATHERING, starring Christina Ricci, and the haunting LOVELY MOLLY, from Blair Witch co-director.