Best Movie Transformations

Critics and audiences alike are buzzing over Johnny Depp’s unrecognizable self in his portrayal of gangster Whitey Bulger in the upcoming film Black Mass, as his dark locks are dyed white-blonde and he dons coloured contacts to depict the Irish-American Boston mobster.
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Dark Knight Rises Teaser Poster… anyone?

July 20th 2012, that date is currently etched in pretty much every movie-goers memory. Forget the London 2012 Olympics, forget the 'predicted' end of the world... no, instead, make sure you are ready for what is to be predicted the film of the 2012, Christopher Nolan's (Memento, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Inception) 'The Dark Knight Rises'.
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Sidney Lumet RIP

On Saturday morning, acclaimed film director Sidney Lumet ('12 Angry Men', 'Dog Day Afternoon', 'Network'), The New York Times confirms, passed away from lymphoma at his home in Manhattan, New York.