Lift To The Scaffold Review

The story centres on business-man, Julien Tavernier. He has a plan to murder his employer; a man who is also his lover’s husband.

Classe Tous Risques Review

Classe Tous Risques (Consider All Risks) was one of many films caught in the riptide of the French New Wave. It was released in Paris in March 1960. A week later Breathless (also starring Jean-Paul Belmondo) op... Read More...

Claude Chabrol: Le Beau Serge & Les Cousins Blu-ray Review

This week marked the re-release of Le Beau Serge & Les Cousins, the first two films from one of the master's of French cinema, Claude Chabrol, who went on to make some of the best known and best made thrillers in French history, often gaining comparison to Alfred Hitchcock.