Sink or Swim DVD Review

Splish splash I was swimming in a gender dominated participation and proving stereotypes wrong. This is the sort of thing, 'Woke' reviewers will try to position the review of this French comedy about a group of... Read More...

Irma Vep Blu Ray review

A film about the making of another film, that is a remake of another film, inspired equally by Francois Truffaut Day for Night, melodrama and the classic serial films of early cinema. French director René Vidal... Read More...

A Woman’s Life Blu Ray review

A woman trapped in the world of 19th century men, comes to terms with the disillusionment felt by generations of women. Jeanne (Judith Chemla) has just completed her education. This is a remarkable thing in the... Read More...

Romance DVD Review

Catherine Breillat's Romance is an intellectual and pressing study of female sexuality, femininity, eroticism and passion, which has such urgency that it can drive you to the edge.

Lucy Review

Luc Besson's latest offering Lucy sees Scarlett Johansson as a young woman turned superhuman with Morgan Freeman as her scientific mentor.