Romance DVD Review

Catherine Breillat's Romance is an intellectual and pressing study of female sexuality, femininity, eroticism and passion, which has such urgency that it can drive you to the edge.

Stranger By The Lake Review

A car park, the stony banks of a lake, and the woodland area that connects the two – these are the sole locations in which Stranger By The Lake takes place. Alain Guiraudie directs this quiet erotic thriller with a deadpan tone and an edge of surreal humour, and the results are well deserving of the plaudits received in Cannes.

Betty Blue Blu-ray Review

At it's heart Betty Blue is an intense, unforgiving drama, which quickly unfolds to a devastating and emotional end. Whilst both the main characters, Betty (played by Béatrice Dalle) and Zorg (Jean-Hugues Anglade) spend a great deal of the film naked (not that anyone is complaining), the viewer quickly stops noticing this surface nudity and realises that it represents something so much more, something much deeper beneath the surface.

Flying Blind Review

Treading the line carefully between an erotic drama and conspiracy thriller, Flying Blind luxuriates in a multilayered story, in beautifully filmed locations and acted by two hugely powerful and provocative leads.