Pink String and Sealing Wax DVD

Victorian Brighton is awash with allsorts of people living and striving in life. Edward Sutton is the father and the towns respected chemist. He is also a hard hearted monster and loves nothing more than script... Read More...

Room Review

Room’s half-and-half split between the close quarters of Room and the vast outside world is tensely bridged by the escape sequence, which is as sharply constructed as any other action scene you’re likely to come across this year.

Bridge of Spies Review

Spielberg's Bridge of Spies is an involving and essential Cold War drama, led by a pair of extraordinary performances from Mark Rylance and Tom Hanks.
catch me daddy

Catch Me Daddy DVD Review

Tim Buckley's magisterially melodious 'Phantasmagoria in Two' marks the opening collage of scenes in Daniel Wolfe’s sizzling debut feature Catch Me Daddy. Making a strange counterpoint to the grim poverty depic... Read More...
52 tuesdays

52 Tuesdays Review

52 Tuesdays may present itself as something of a recondite film, and one that pushes concerns that won’t sit comfortably with a mainstream audience (no matter how important), but there also lies within a (dys)f... Read More...

Glassland Review

Gerard Barrett returns with his second feature, Glassland featuring powerhouse performances from both Jack Reynor and Toni Collette.