101 Films are re-releasing the film, released some 8 years back on Blu Ray by Arrow. Yes I said it. I had to say it. Now thats over, we should get to the meat. Ok so we know that a remake is about to hit the sc... Read More...

Videodrome Blu Ray Review

Max Renn is a television producer par excellence. He works for UHF, a station notorious for sensational, sleazy and sex driven programming. They use international television programmes of varying quality to... Read More...

John Cusack chats Map To The Stars

He’s been a Hollywood star since his teens, when he starred in Class, Sixteen Candles and The Sure Thing, but thankfully John Cusack was never like the characters in David Cronenberg’s Maps To The Stars.

Map To The Stars Blu-ray Review

Featuring a powerhouse performance from Julianne Moore, David Cronenberg's Map To The Stars is a look at the very real heart of darkness that seems to have taken over Hollywood since began.

Horror Channel to screen Mad Science Season

Head exploders, deadly serums, deviant doctors, radioactive dope…Horror Channel presents a MAD SCIENCE SEASON, an 80’s tinged collection of cult scientific shockers.