So we are at Christmas again. How do we know this? Not from the obligatory lights. Not from the trees. Not even from the bracing cold. Its from the release of ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE on Blu Ray. The seminal Christ... Read More...

Heat Changing Marauders Map Mug

Based on the epic book and film series Harry Potter, this perfect brew will reveal the clever and iconic Marauders Map!

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Covered

Our friends at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment have it completely covered with something for everyone - from blistering action and Sci-Fi, nail biting hour, to top-notch drama and classical musicals.

Win Criterion Collection Merchandise And Special Edition Blu-Rays

To celebrate The Criterion Collection UK’s first Christmas we have a selection of exclusive Criterion merchandise to give away including 5 Blu-ray special editions to start off your own Criterion collection (or gift to a fellow film lover) including new releases Punch-Drunk Love and The Royal Tenenbaums.