Claustrophobic Cinema

Throughout the course of cinema, there have been many films which tap into a common fear many cinemagoers share; the fear of confined spaces. To celebrate the release of Pioneer on Blu-ray and DVD on 4th August 2014 from Arrow Films, we count down the ten best examples of claustrophobic cinema.

Locke Review

On the surface Steven Knight's Locke seems like a modern thriller in the making, mixed with a unique filmmaking style and lead acting from the wonderful Tom Hardy it seems there is little that could go wrong. Well...

Buried Film Review

True originality is something that a mainstream cinema audience is all too rarely exposed to, unsurprising really considering the vast array of ideas committed to celluloid at one point or another. It is then with a sense of both intrigue and trepidation that viewers will approach Rodrigo Cortés’ ‘Buried’, a thriller boasting only one on-screen character who has been literally buried alive inside a coffin underground – and stays within said coffin for the entirety of the running time. On face value it is an idea that is so unbelievably simple yet one fraught with countless potential pitfalls that it really shouldn’t work. Yet somehow, through a careful balance of ingenuity, constraint and excellent casting; Cortés pretty much nails it (pun very much intended).

Buried Trailer – Out 1st October

Paul Conroy was just another truck driver on another job... until he was buried. Awakening in complete darkness, with just a mobile phone, a lighter and a knife he must demand the ransom from his country wh... Read More...