Something in the Air Review

Something in the Air has Olivier Assayas back in autobiographical mode again, mirroring his 1994 film Cold Water in not only form but in the name of the protagonist used to represent Assayas, called Gilles in both. Retitled rather than translated from the French Apres Mai (After May,) Something in the Air is perhaps the more fitting title when its content is considered. The French title refers to the period in which the film takes place, after May 1968. The English one to a Thunderclap Newman song from roughly the same time. More than this though, it speaks of the films wandering quality. There is something is the air, but Assayas makes no great attempt to grasp at exactly what it is.

Trance Review

On the tin, this psychological thriller is a non-stop thrills ride, filled with action, sex, a stunningly shimmery look at London and a true return to genre movies but unfortunately for me, Trance, felt a little too glamorous with very little notice of good storytelling... or a good story