Thomas Daneskov new film WILD MEN, contorts ideas of masculinity, criminality and the ever so need to get junk food. Martin (Rasmus Bjerg) is in need of something different. So he has fled from his family to live high up in the Norwegian mountains. They are cold, snowy and…well filled with trees. Martin is up for it mind. Well except he cant catch anything, he desires junk food and he doesnt have a wallet. After robbing, haphazardly mind, a local convience store, he finds Musa (Zaki), a hash smuggler, who is injured after a car accident with two criminal friends. This leaves them both in the Norwegian mountains, pursued by the police, Musa’s criminal rivals and Martin’s irrate wife.

Now this leads us to a bizarrely funny mix of masculine expectation and modern male recalibration. The obvious nods the film has are JERIMAH JOHNSON and the man vs nature films of the 80s. Those saw trends for men in the wilderness, fighting for their lives and it was always frame thus. The wilderness was as rugged as the persons in it. WILD MEN gets the joke and runs with it. A little long but it does this well enough, with humour and heart to get it over the line. Rasmuses Martin and Zaki Musa are city guys, who buddy up well. They are both stuck in their worse nightmare, albeit without actually knowing it. They go from the safety of one world, to the sheer insanity of another. Ending up finding that they are more than the sum of their parts. Martin finds Martin. Zuki finds Zuki. We find the fun in the journey. Also that ridiculous wild man suit…


Blue Finch Film Releasing presents Wild Men in cinemas 6 May

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