Us and Them Film review

So some of you will not know this but here is a piece of valuable information. British 101 : We have deep issues with class conflict between the rich, middle class and the poor or working class. Rich and poor are in direct conflict and often one commits actions against the other. US AND THEM almost feels like the nexus of this conflict. Lower class Danny (Jack Roth) wants to turn society on its head. He is intent on making a political statement about the horrors of economic inequality in the United Kingdom. While on a country road, he hijacks the lives of a wealthy banker and his family. Going to their home, pinning them down on what they have done as a class and then making them his tool of revenge.

US AND THEM is Joe Martins first full length live action film. Funded by Mac Cosmetics among others and seemingly disliked by the bulk of critics. This is what you get from the IMDB database. Who listens to an algorithm anyway? Not me. However it is a clever and it is sometimes a very crafty dig at class politics in the UK. Taking the frame of a home invasion film, it wants us to focus on the difference of one and the embellishment of the other. It is something that would really have gained traction if it were released 8 years ago, at the height of the economic meltdown. The event that really pointed out the cynical social events we were trapped in. The events that were to save the few and send the many into economic purgatory. Danny’s rebellion is directed at these few and he is perceived as the many. However it feels like the horse has bolted and the door is being shut very slowly. This is the case of a film that was the wrong end of an event. US AND THEM is not a masterpiece by a long shot, it does however get the point so missed by many today…

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