‘Twilight’ writer apologies to teenage boys

Stephenie Meyer, writer of the ‘Twilight’ saga is reportedly due to issue an apology to teenage boys in the coming days.

The saga which is made up of four books (‘Twilight’, ‘New Moon’, ‘Eclipse’ & ‘Breaking Dawn’) follows the lives of vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), human Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Summit Entertainment, since 2008, have been releasing feature film adaptations of the books which have taken the world by storm. The three main characters and the actors playing them have become household names overnight, winning various awards including MTV Movie Awards and People’s Choice Awards.

In ‘Twilight’, which was released in November 2008 and directed by Catherine Hardwicke, we meet Bella who has recently moved to the small town of Forks to live with her father. When she joins the local high school, she meets the insatiable and deadly mysterious, Edward Cullen. At first, Bella is warned to stay away from Cullen and his clan of pale skinned family members but curiosity gets the better of her and it is revealed that the Cullens are ‘vegetarian’ vampires. One thing leads to another and Bella and Edward fall in love (gush!). Some fights happen as well as some chasing, but I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you…

The story continued last year in Chris Weitz’s sequel, ‘New Moon’. Some more fighting, some history about vampires and the proper introduction of Jacob Black and his ‘wolfy’ tribe (more gush!). And it doesn’t finish there as the third picture, ‘Eclipse’ is due out in July and the final chapter, ‘Breaking Dawn’ is being filmed in TWO parts for release next year. But I won’t ruin how they turn out, read the books if you can’t wait!

So with the three actors becoming huge successes, it’s no wonder that they are getting more film offers than ever before. But what is even more intriguing is the other propositions the male cast members have been receiving. Pattinson and Lautner (how my heart flutters!) have become pinups for pretty much every teenage girl (and some teenage boys) on the planet and this is making it hard for all those spotty boys whose hormones are running riot inside of them!

Pattinson at 23 and Lautner at 18, are possibly a little too old for their admirers (or too young from what I’ve heard!!!) and this has left rumours throughout the internet about who they are going out with. Is Pattinson going out with co-star, Kristen Stewart? Is Lautner going out with current teen sensation, Taylor Swift? Actually who cares??

But it seems that the culprit of all this teen bashing, Stephenie Meyer, has something to say about this… and it’s sorry. I’ve managed to find a draft of the message which Miss Meyer will be issuing in the coming days. The long and the short of it is that she is saying sorry to all teenage males throughout the world who have been rejected by girls since the franchise has become so big because they aren’t as magical as their vampire love or muscly as their werewolf crush.

So is this a good move for Stephenie? Do you think that by apologising, she will be getting the boys on her side?

Tell you how she can make it up for me! MORE Alice Cullen, simple as.

EDITORIAL NOTE – If you read this and thought what the hell, did you first check the date it was published? (April Fools)

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4 Responses

  1. Leanne

    I dont want an apology from Stephenie Meyer – I want, no actually, I NEED more Edward Cullen!!
    He is every girl, and woman’s, fantasy man. It is so hard not to fall for his character.
    So Stephenie, stop penning your apologies and start penning another addition to the already wonderful Twilight Saga!! Pretty please.
    We all love the delicious vampire that sparkles : )

  2. Twilightlover

    I agree more from Alice Cullen
    These girls need to get a life badly !

  3. Fanficwiter

    Okay i love how stephanie myer thinks her characters are that important that girls have actually rejected certain boys becuase they don’t sparkle in the sunlight or turn into a wolf. i mean come really stephanie? her head is getting way to big for her body… some one needs to seriously bring her down to earth. I’m a twilight fan but not a fan of hers. i don’t care if she raised the pen that scrolled the story!

  4. Chloë

    Personally I think Meyer has actually raised girls expectations of guys which I also think is a good thing because they won’t just be settling for womanizers and guys who want them for other reasons then love. I read that guys have started acting more maturely and romantically to get girls because now a lot of girls have read twilight they know what kind of guy they want to fall for.


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