Tucker & Dale Vs Evil Review

Tucker & Dale Vs Evil (Eli Craig) is deliciously satirical, and outright hilarious and will no doubt draw comparisons with Scream (Wes Craven) for its take on the slasher film, but this comparisons are slightly wide of the mark.

The film follows two red-necks, Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine), as they embark on a vacation to their new vacation home. They are men of simple pleasures, but a group of college kids falls into the hill-billy stereotype perpetuated by slasher films, particularly Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Tobe Hooper), after an accident in a lake the college kids believe their friend has been kidnapped by Tucker and Dale and begin to try and rescue her.

Tucker and Dale is a hilarious look at the slasher ‘from the other side’ the irony being that both men are good guys, who are just trying to enjoy a retreat at a cabin. Whilst simultaneously showing the college kids to be judgemental, and frankly stupid. Comparisons with Scream do not accurately describe Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, where Scream is still primarily a horror movie, Tucker and Dale is an outright hilarious movie, it will leave you in stitches at times. It says a lot about the generational gap between the two films that Tucker and Dale can be a gorier fare than Scream, but also more laugh-out-loud funny. The film continually plays on Texas Chainsaw Masacre, but it also has nods to many other Slasher films.

The way the film is shot and scored leaves the audience expecting horror only to be left laughing at some crazy antic which has caused an accident or Tucker and Dales reaction to the events unfolding. The film completely flips the expected stereotypes of the genre. Perhaps the most striking similarity with Scream is its depiction of a generation raised on horror movies, and the stereotypes perpetuated in them. The college kids react in a cavalier manner and have no quandaries about killing either Tucker or Dale.

This is a gem of film, and one that everyone should see, die hard horror fans will love the playful references to the genre, and those who love comedy will not be left wanting. Labine’s performance as Dale is outstanding and Alan Tudyk is at his best as Tucker, the two had an excellent on screen chemistry that made the film that much stronger.

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil is available on DVD & Blu-Ray now.

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