Tron: Legacy Trailer

Tron: Legacy isn’t due out until December here in the UK, but a short trailer has already been released today. The sequel to the original 1982 cult film, Tron this is one of the years most anticipated films and the internet hype machine has already begun.

This 3D Sequel retains Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, the original gamer who became trapped inside the computer system in the first film. Garrett Hedlund plays his son Sam. When he investigates his fathers disappearance, he finds himself pulled into the same world where his father has been living for 25 years. He must join in his fathers battle against the games system and the scheming Master Control Program.

The trailer mostly features footage before Sam enters the game so theres not too much revealed about the main games machine plot. That said, what there is looks great and Tron:Legacy looks set be an action packed blockbuster. It does recycle some footage that avid fans may have seen before from last years Comic con but there are plenty of new scenes as well. Bring on 17 December!

Tron Legacy Trailer

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