Tron (1982)


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Starring: Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner

When it was first released ‘Tron’ was a massive technological advance in film making and was one of the first computer generated full length movies. It initially flopped pretty badly but over the years has become a real cult classic. Now 27 years later we are on the verge of witnessing ‘Tron 2’ or ‘Tron Legacy’ as it will be known.

Jeff Bridges is the main character who plays Kevin Flynn a former employee of a computer software company called Encom. Flynn runs an arcade and believes that his former employer stole the code for some successful games from him whilst he worked there.

His mission is to hack into the mainframe computer and find evidence that this took place. In doing this he gets transported into a computer and a whole new world. At work inside the computer is the Master Control Program that is trying to foil his efforts. His only way of escaping the computer is to take part is to take part in games inside the computer and eventually fight his way to the MCP to defeat the man in charge.

Its a very dark film and although was a PG and aimed at children, i think was a little bit too heavy for them to take in.

There are some truly classic scenes in here. The motorcycle race among the best. Definitely worth brushing up with the original film before the new one is released. I suspect that ‘Tron Legacy’ is going to make full use of the facilities available and i’m sure the action will be first class.

Director: Steven Lisberger
Writer: Steven Lisberger, Bonnie MacBird

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