Space, the final frontier. We all stare up at the infinite void above us and ponder it. Wonder what worlds are there and what rewards could come from our journeys to and from them. It is not just you and I mind. It is millions of others.  That is what Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and many nations around the globe are peering up at. Money can be made, empires can be manipulated and legends can shift from mystery to reality. In TINY EPIC GALAXIES, the card game from Gamelyn, these worlds are yours to own and occupy. Become the leader of a faction and carry them to galaxies around the universe. There you will find worlds that could be conquered, fought over or mined for resources. Well 1 – 5 players can, ages 10 and above for about 45 minutes or so!


I quick like the compact nature of the TINY EPIC series of card games. The original boxes were small and efficiently used. Here they are even more compact and save players time and money. So inside here you have cards. Three sets of smaller cards. Planet cards, Secret mission cards and special expansion cards. Firm, filmed and well textured. Then player cards that are larger. 6 of those. Then a bunch of small, player cubes. Cubes are light and have nice palette for colour. Then a small icon on them denotes their purpose and that is that. Finally you have a rulebook. Rules are detailed with a position to explain and invigorate. The former is not possible for many players but the latter is and the book does have enough to translate it over.


Give each player a galaxy card. This is your resource and occupation log. Give everyone their colour cubes that work with that colour on their card. You take 2 ships and start with those. Shuffle the Planet cards and draw 2 more than the number of those playing. Now deal a single Secret mission cards to each player. Choose a staring player (the suggestion is youngest first but I think its best to randomly choose).  Now the cubes work as dice, so on a turn you take what you have in your colour and roll the dice (not the ones with rockets on). First move your ships. You get one move per ship, per turn. Now if you roll a dice character and want to use it, place it on the galaxy card. You use the cubes to do things. Things like exploit and acquire resources. Thats a way to extract and improve. Make money and minerals to benefit. Advance and colonize. Simply, either advance a colony to make it better, stronger, more powerful etc or establish it. Utilize the colony. This is a way to do a special action on the colony. This will grow benefits and colonies. You also have a die converter to flip to a chosen action. The winner is the person who completes their secret aim and to do that you must exploit, enrich, tactically pursue and persuade.


We really enjoyed the game very much indeed. It would be incredulous to say that it wasn’t only the card pack that sat in front of us. This is exceptional. All held in such a small space. However in reality, the game is as good as what houses it. A perfectly formed game for a family or a bunch of friends. The game has such a small footprint, clever offering and simple mechanic, that players will ease into its processes.


There was no gripes at all. Astonishing.



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