Thick as Thieves (2009)

Starring: Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas, Radha Mitchell

Taking on the terrible russians is no laughing matter, especially not for renowned Art Thief Keith Ripley (Freeman) and his newly appointed apprentice Gabriel Martin (Banderas). The pair are on the job trying to steal some undiscovered faberge eggs. The heist must take place within a heavily guarded jewellers which the pair obviously have to scope out first. To complicate things, there is an interesting femme fatale in the shape of Radha Mitchell, whose sultry moves make for an interesting watch.

The film reminds me very much of Oceans Eleven, with the whole vault thing going on and the clever thievery that occurs. Thick as Thieves ends with an interesting twist to the plot which I suppose I could kind of see happening but nonetheless livened up the film.

If you enjoyed Oceans 11 etc, then watch this. Its not as good, but it will do.

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