The Sopranos…will there be a movie?

I love Tony. And his family. The second one that keeps him alive that is, not the one that causes him problems. With all 7 box sets on my shelf, and with the cliff hanger ending of Tony and his home family sitting down to a meal in a fast food restaurant, I wonder if we will be treated to a Sopranos movie anytime soon?

James Gandolfini has been busy starring in the current hit release Pelham 123, however I do wonder if HBO will pull him in for one last mafia mission. In the second part of series six (why they didnt just call it series 7 i dont know), we see Tony’s main guys get wiped out by Phil Leotardo of New York. Bobby “Bacala” Baccalieri, Silvio Dante, and Tony Soprano himself are all lined up for the hit, but luckily for Tony Phils guys hit Bobby and Silvio before him, and word gets back to him of his impending doom. After being barracaded up in a safe house (with a sub machine gun on his chest), Tony finally manages to track Phil Leotardo down and have him killled, putting the war to bed.

Its after this that we see Tony sitting down to a meal with his family, and we are left wondering what will happen. With Tony Sopranos team half wiped up from the top, who will he turn to for support and council? Can he trust his remaining CAPOs like Paulie Walnuts to lead him to success and further riches?

All of these are questions I think we could see answered in a movie, along with more of Tonys infidelity with attractive well presented women and his hissy fits. For these reasons I hope there will be a sopranos film and it comes soon, as I cant keep watching these tv shows forever!

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